By day I am a C#/SQL developer, and have been for… well, too long to remember. But now Android is here, and it is fascinating stuff, so now I develop Android apps in my spare time. There is a lot of stuff on the internet that has really helped get to grips with developing for Android, but quite often there was a step missing in the information that left me piecing bits together. So this blog will be about the blockers that I encounter as I learn.

Some of the stuff will be from other blogs, but the idea is not to regurgitate what others have done, but to provide complete solutions that others can use. I should have posted the missing details as comments on the blogs that I did find useful, but in my haste to get up-to-speed, I did not. That’s life. In the future I will add comments, as I hope readers of this blog will.

If I feel the urge I will post on C#, SQL and other developer type stuff along the way.

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